Anyone Can Be a Poet with Pic-Lits

I’d like to thank the people (or person) over at who posted a link to this website.

[Pic-Lits]  are “Inspired Picture Writing” or think of them as the digital version of the now-ubiquitous refrigerator magnet poetry. But there is more here and after today’s field test, I can definitely say that we will be using these again.

Basically you choose an image from the gallery–a typical landscape, or generic greeting card pic–and you drag-and-drop words just like the magnets on the fridge in any order. The words provided fit well with the images and they are separated by category (nouns, verbs, etc.) for the user to arrange in the order they want.

The point here is to make poetry, which isn’t hard to do given the words. You can be e.e. cummings or Pablo Neruda, it’s up to you. The students in the lab today spent more than the usual time creating images and creating their own accounts. You need, of course, an email address to register and then you can begin saving and sharing them. Here is one of mine:

Click on me to see the full size

But there is more! Students can also choose the LearnIt tab and they are guided through some pretty creative and effective excercise and lessons on the elements of poetry; figurative language, meter, etc. The lessons then assign the student to try a Pic-Lit based on the material on each lesson.

zapaTECHISTA rates this as indispensable, because of the level of engagement and the educational value. English learners of various levels can still put together a meaningful Pic-Lit. They not only get to experiment with putting words together, but they can get feedback from other users on their poems and word choice.

Christmas cards? Birthday wishes, love poems? It’s all there for you and your students to get your poetry on!


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