Another Digital Divide

Students and school administrators are far apart in judging their school’s success in implementing technology, according to this post by the web-tech bloggers at

While the belief that schools were doing a good job of using technology to enhance learning was in the 72-74% range amongst teachers and administrators, that figure dropped to 47% for students who agreed. Part of the disconnect can arguably be attributed to the annoying content blocking firewalls that filter out the harmless along with the heinous content students might want to access. The other factor is undoubtedly the restrictive attitudes most administrators still have regarding the use of personal mobile devices in the classroom.

The times are definitely a-changing, and expectedly, such changes will never happen without pain and complaint on the part of the old generations.


One thought on “Another Digital Divide

  1. I also think that there are different measures of success between teachers, administrators, and even parents, and students. Of course students will feel a little repressed, and they are, but for their own good. If the technology doesn’t exist yet to perfectly filter out every harmless website and filter out every horrid one then giving students a lot of access as opposed to no access is preferable, no?

    I am definitely more critical of teachers and administrators still being reluctant to approve personal, mobile devices though. This would be so much easier to implement since parents who give access to their children may not be so worried about putting all the parental controls on their. Parents might actually want some trainings lead by school personnel about how to do this. Maybe some parents don’t give access to their children out of ignorance? Maybe some teachers and administrators don’t give access out of ignorance too?


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