Bored with the Usual Educational Sites? Have Fun Teaching Instead!

We’re back in session now, and ZapaTECHISTA is scouring the digital landscape, chasing the ever-elusive holy grail  of educational websites should one exist. And while we may still find one someday, we’ll have to settle for some pretty exciting alternatives. Today we look at “Have Fun Teaching“, a site  made for those, according to its founder Mark, who are tired of all the time and effort it takes to put together lessons.

The site is pretty robust, with more content available for the lower elementary grades, but one can still find value in those activities that can help ELL /ESL students get a handle on basic English phonemes and grammar. What to expect? well they have plenty of free worksheets in a wide variety of areas, from Language Arts to Holidays. There are plenty of songs to teach kids the alphabet and phonics, as well as videos, coloring pages and more. All the material is very easy to find, and will appeal to those teachers who are still getting their feet with technology. Yeah, the worksheets are kind of old-fashioned and clip-artsy, nothing to get excited about really, but the wide range of material makes up for it.

Have Fun Teaching offers  more material than any one  teacher is likely to use, and it will especially please those who just want something quick to print, or display on the screen. Be prepared for a heavy dose of advertising, as the “free” material gets paid for when you buy the DVDs and books they promote. It won’t replace what you are already doing, but you might find yourself coming to drink from this well more than once, especially on those days when you come in the class without preparation and need a quick way to deliver a standard.




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