Lesson: Reflect on Year with a ReadWriteThink Comic Strip

Objective: You will reflect on this school year and your learning using figurative language* and the Comic Creator.

In this lesson you will create a comic strip to reflect and communicate how your school year went, including what you learned, what you could have done better, and what you liked and disliked the most. 

Students  should already know:

1. what metaphors and similes are

2. What characters and setting are


1. Open the link below that says 

Click Me to Start!

2. Click on the Get Started Button. 

3. Think of a title and a subtitle


Title: Diary of a Funny Kid

subtitle: Francisco’s adventures in 4th grade

4.  Choose number of panels (recommend 3 to start)


5. Play around with the tools to get a feel for the options.


6. STOP! before you continue, turn to a partner and discuss how the year went. Think of 1 metaphor or simile you can use to describe your year: “This year was as ________ as a __________” or ” I can’t believe this year flew by so quickly. OR “This year was a real ________. I __________ so much.

7. Characters Remember. You are going to write at least 3 panels, so you have to come up with two characters. They will talk or dialogue. One of these will be you, and the other a friend, parent, or teacher.  You can add more characters later, but start with 2. 

8. Setting: Where do you want your characters to talk? You don’t have to be in school! choose a background form the menu. 

9. Once you pick your characters, pick a Speech Balloon. Remember, some balloons are only for things characters think and others for things they say. Remember, Think about what you want to say before you type it. 

10. A good way to start is by having a character ask you, “So how was your year?”

11. Finish all 3 panels and click Finish. 

Remember: it’s ok to mess up. Go ahead and try it twice if you didn’t like how it turned out!


To see if you completed the task correctly, you should have:

1. At least two characters and 3 panels.

2. Use at least one metaphor or simile in the balloons

3. Your reflection should say something more than “My year was good or bad”. Give at least one example of why the year went the way it went. 

4. If you write what you could have done better, then you did an AWESOME Job!

5. You had fun. 


*4RL3.5 Narrative Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text: Define figurative language (e.g.,
simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification) and identify its use in literary works.


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