Edudemic Magazine built for the iPad Educator

The editors at have released their Edudemic iPad magazine, exclusively dedicated to the world of iPad in education. So far, they have published two issues, with Vol. 2 featuring an article written by us!

Download the latest version and tell us what you think.


The article, which we can’t link here because you have to download the magazine into an iPad, is entitled: Toward Meaningful iPad integration and deals with issues of app proliferation, equal access, and the future of app development in the age of Common Core State Standards.


Comcast Agrees to Narrow Digital Divide in Mega Merger Deal with Feds

Comcast Corp has recently agreed to lower their prices for low-income families in order to get their purchase of NBC Universal approved by federal regulators in a move that could significantly alter the percentage of people who have access to high speed internet.

The initiative, dubbed Internet Essentials,  targets families with children who can prove they qualify for the National School Lunch Program and will charge $9.95 a month down from around $48 dollars. The program also includes the option to purchase a refurbished notebook computer for $150, should the family need one.  What’s the hook? Well, they admittedly recognize the fact that only a 20% low-income families have purchased internet services, compared to %80 of higher-income families.

Apparently some people are starting to realize that products like Internet service can be charged at a sliding scale, and that essentially, the Digital Divide is bad for business.

For teachers  who teach in communities where the internet is a luxury, this is definitely good news. The first day of school an unofficial show of hands in my class showed that only a handful of kids had access to the internet.

Oakland Unified (CA) is already spreading the Comcast official promotional materials, as probably many districts nationwide are doing this first few weeks of school. Other districts may not be so sharp, so that puts us educators in a position of playing Comcast sales reps, a role many would find uncomfortable.  But with prices this low,  not mentioning it would be a disservice to the communities we work in.

Here is the link for community members and educators who (as Comcast knows) might have a stake in promoting this.


Mobile Tech in Classrooms Boost English Learners – New America Media

Mobile Tech in Classrooms Boost English Learners – New America Media.

This past summer  New America Media  featured a zapaTECHISTA classroom in a news piece about the benefits and uses of mobile learning devices in a classroom filled with English Language Learners. Jacob Simas and Vivian Po, two reporters for NAM, the collaborative journalism project that brings together over 2000 ethnic media outlets, visited our Hayward, CA 6th grade classroom as the year was winding down to interview students, teachers, and the principal to get a handle on the issue of whether using mobile devices in classrooms can really begin to bridge the digital divide.

Here is a link to the full article: