ZapaTECHISTA is based in the Bay Area,  California.

We borrowed the name of the Mexican revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata and gave it a 21st century makeover. Sometimes people ask what a peasant revolutionary fighting for land and freedom in early 20th century Mexico has to do with technology in education. Zapata struggled for control and access to land, and we struggle for equality in today’s digital landscape. A stretch? maybe, but as long as there are divisions in society Emiliano Zapata will continue to be an inspiration.

Our goals are:

1. To feature and share the latest in digital tools for the ESL/ELD classroom in order to help English Language Learners achieve  academic success in this digitally divided, fundamentally unequal society.  Equal access for all!

2. To bring to light research being done on learning language through technology and to have meaningful discussions with other educators.

3.  To view technology with a critical lens, move beyond the hype and find what actually works and what engages students to ensure their success .

Webmasters:  Francisco Nieto Salazar and Reina Sofia Cabezas.


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